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Youth group blasts Pres. Duterte’s diss to VP Leni Robredo

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In a press statement, Liberal Youth Philippines criticizes President Duterte’s statements against Vice President Leni Robredo in his recorded speech last night, September 21.

The group said that “Filipinos are free to speak up; dilawan or not.” They also noted the value of dissenting voices in public service; and reminded President Duterte of his previous speech last April where the president said that he is open for criticism. The group mentioned that “onion-skinned leaders are not ripe to respond to crisis.“

Here is the youth group’s complete statement:

Filipinos are free to speak up; dilawan or not!

We abhor the President’s remarks about the opposition last night, Sept 21, 2020, in his regular nation’s address about the Covid-19 government’s response.

First, the President should stop labeling people with colors. He must appreciate that Filipinos are beyond the box of Dilawan and DDS. We are all Filipinos – and being a Filipino guarantees our right to speak whenever we want, under all circumstances.

Second, the President must understand that criticisms create a space for innovation, and efficiency, especially in public service. It is the President himself who said in April that he “govern[s] properly and right. If it makes you happy, then you smile. If not, you criticize me.” Onion-skinned leaders are not ripe to respond to crisis.

Lastly, the Vice President’s response is not baseless; it is founded on expert’s opinions and studies. We have close to 300,000 cases with an average daily infection rate of 2,640. Our death toll has reached 5,000. Economically, we have suffered an economic recession and 27 million Filipinos are jobless. We need a leader with the plan. VP Robredo’s suggestions are on point and needed.

These expletives are habitual, a clear noise meant to escape the responsibility of governance. Trabaho naman po tayo Mr. President, marami nang gutom at naghihirap, kayo lang ang hindi.

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