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What’s with “Dynamite” and BTS?

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Hey, there ARMYs and KPOP fans! Were you one of the 100 million viewers who shook YouTube

by storm and ransacked another 1st for the worldwide famous KPOP group? Yes, here we are


Last August 20, 2020, four-time AMA awardee, Billboard hit makers, and KPOP group, BTS released their first all-English song “Dynamite”. A summer disco bop that indeed made everyone dance and has also cemented the boy group’s worldwide sensation status again this 2020.

The English track took the online world by storm by premiering its music video on YouTube with

101.1 million views in just 24-hours of release. The song made headlines around the world on international news sites and music magazines, even taking over Taylor Swift as “Biggest Spotify Debut in 2020” and sweeping global iTunes charts as no.1 on its release. There is no stopping, RM, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, V, and Jin, as they take another step inmaking KPOP a worldwide music genre.

The 7-member boy group sang in a groovy English track that reminds you of Jackson 5 in the ’70s, dancing on another future TikTok dance challenge making Elvis Presley’s hip thrusts a fad and showing that KPOP has room for trying on something pure and strong without jumping on shenanigans. English songs were never a spot-on single release by any KPOP group and were only considered a version made for those with international followings.

But Dynamite’s full-blown English lyric is in its sense, straightforward, and just groovy-heavy. We all have to agree-they did go practicing the tones and pronunciations right and not losing their signature high notes and vibratos with the English “Schwang,, almost similar to how Jungkook sings his English POP covers or how they feature with Lany or Diplo. And guess what, they sound really good, you don’t have to worry about translating the song from scratch.

Their almost 4-minute music video is also a masterpiece from Lumpens, who is the director for most of BTS’s famous music videos like “Idol” and “Blood, Sweat, and Tears.” The sugar-coated video was nothing but great use of CGI and effects, a well-detailed set, and the boys in retro outfits from Gucci. It reminds me of their “Boys with Love” music video and their hot-pink outfits and cinema theme set. As the song opens with Jungkook in jeans and Timberland boots, drinking milk, to RM rapping on a set of self-service Laundry machines, the boys get together for a “Jailhouse Rock” inspired thrust moves and shaking in luxury boot-leg pants. I have to say Alessandro Michelle’s SS2020 Camp vibe was just perfect for that scene.

Jimin never disappoints with his high notes, smirk and groovy hips, and so is resident boy-next-door V who sang in front of an ice-cream truck, I guess made some girl ARMYs squeak. The whole cinematography is still your signature KPOP color-covered music videos but almost similar to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream years or 2019’s Taylor Swifts “Lover” era but only made in Korea.

With a long debate on Konglish KPOP songs prior to the boys’ debut, it has always been questionable among K-netizens and conservative Koreans with the lyrics used in KPOP in recent years. From non-sensical English rhymes and jargon to unusual add-ons of word fillers as chorus and hooks, KPOP’s latest trends can always be seen with big groups yearly summer releases.

This method was only to bring in as many international KPOP fans as the Hallyu wave hit the world in 2009, but it has progressed with the idols themselves learning English and setting the game higher with entertainment groups recruiting foreign members that can do the job. As Lee Hyori, mentioned in Yoo Jaesuk’s How Do You Play program last month, KPOP lyrics nowadays are into repetitive words and English jargon compared to the time she debuted as Fin.K.L in 1998.

With an international market to cater, composers, the management, and even the KPOP group themselves become more sensitive to putting English words. An example would be one-time hit, Momoland’s Boom Boom. The group became famous worldwide, especially here in the Philippines, where the public enjoyed much of the song’s familiar lyrics and groove. Though at the moment, the one-time hitmaker group hasn’t released a song yet that goes at par with Boom Boom.

Back, to BTS. With such animosity on language and genre in present-day Korea, BTS still makes its citizen proud of their dedication to creating a global status on a modern-made music genre such as KPOP. Creating an English song and releasing it as the first single to prove their international capability, is what makes BTS different from other KPOP groups. Still, their attention to their group’s identity and producing music that is never half-baked gives Dynamite the recognition it deserves from the first 24-hours of its release. Not to mention the dedication of international-based fans that from the beginning was willing to support and listen to songs they can’t understand in the first place. Dynamite is a gift to all of BTS’s international ARMYs and the support they made from the beginnings of this KPOP group.

With the pandemic still lashing every part of the world, BTS is present to every ARMY around the world, to give hope and to inspire even during these sad times. Catch BTS on MTV VMAs this August 30, US Time, as they perform “Dynamite” live for the first time and their other-nominated hit, “ON”.

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