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The youth and the climate crisis | Naked Politixxx Podcast

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The world is facing an existential crisis and now more than ever before will the Youth, like Greta Thunberg, have to make a stand and propose solutions to the crisis caused by Climate Change. On International Youth Day 2020, we give you this inaugural podcast of the Noisy Minority. Yes the youth are a minority, but they can’t be quiet any longer, because giving up can never be an option.

“Ang kabataan ay may ginagawa, sinabi ni Kristina kanina na baka ang kailangan natin is something to step up and that should be the government stepping up in their mandates, specifically the National Youth Commission that should be forwarding all our calls for climate justice, not only forwarding our calls and initiatives for climate justice to the higher table and the higher policy body. If the NYC is the representative of the administration to the youth, it tells us something and it appeals to us na parang hindi tayo ang priority ng NYC, but kung hindi ang kabataan, mas lalong hindi ang climate change. Tayo ang pag-asa ng bayan, but what hope is there for us kung ganito ang messaging from the higher ups.” -Ruzzel Morales

“Climate change is an urgent threat to our very existence. Kung hindi natin titigilan ang excessive exploiting of capitalism now na walang alam gawin kung hindi manira ng natural resources at ubusin ang likas-yaman natin, we will run out immediately if we do not change the system. – Amadeus

We (Youth) are looking for light. Like fireflies, we have our own light but we are attracted to something that emits more light than us, but if we unite, we could be that light. We can do something about it (climate change), we just need more support and people to join us, so we can show to the world what we can do. In my opinion, we do\ not need another Greta but we need to unite. – Kristina

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