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The Basics of Tekken 7 and Mobile Legends

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It’s almost like a rare gem to witness a game that transcends into multiple generations. Even more impressive is the fact that a few games can transition from analog to digital platforms. There are, however, that recently sprouted which also deserves notoriety.

Today, we are going to talk about an online game that originated in the bygone era of analog gaming plus one game that took players by storm. Now what type of online game am I talking about since there are a lot of online games? I’m going to talk about the king of the iron fist tournament 7 also known as Tekken 7 and mobile legends.

First let’s talk about mobile legends. Mobile Legends is a M.O.B.A (multiplayer online battle arena) that is mainly played on mobile phones thus making more accessible to more people and anyone can play it as long as there is a reliable internet connection or cellular data in terms of the mechanics of the game it is quite simple you just need to go to your lane farm (depending on your role) and get fed to defeat the enemy team. Also, since this game is a 5v5 game, it does require teamwork in or to win especially in higher ranks.

Image Courtesy of Mobile Legends.

In beginner ranks you’ll learn how to go to your lane and clear minion waves but it doesn’t end there as you progress and get higher ranks you’ll learn how to counter pick, farm, adjust roles, build items depending on your situation, map awareness, etc.

Now onto Tekken, Tekken is a very complex game if you really take the time to learn just one character has at least 100 plus moves. One can take into account that it is a 3D fighting game, meaning you can move laterally, unlike other fighting games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, where you can only move forwards and backwards.

In fighting games, you need to learn a lot of things but I’ll be focusing on the things that I learned after playing Tekken for 7 months. The time that I spent may not be a lot time considering that professional Tekken players have been playing for almost 2 decades. Anyway, in Tekken, the first step is learning your character’s move list and combos.

Now why do you need to learn your characters move list and combos? Because in order for you to fight in the most efficient way possible, you need to do combos and learn your characters move list albeit you don’t need to learn every single move. On a positive note, if you can memorize them all then why not. Some moves are useful in certain situations. For example, you are pinned by the wall and your opponent seems to be mashing buttons, or is applying wall pressure you could use specific moves with evasive properties or power crush(armored attacks) properties to escape the pressure.

Regarding combos, not all characters are the same. A perfect example is the character Jin Kazama who employs hard combos. Another character that can be challenging for players is Kazuya Mishima. Like Jin, Kazuya also has hard combos so they are both harder to navigate for new players.

Then there are characters that are incredibly easy to use such as Katarina, Noctis, Alisa etc. these characters are very easy to use because the commands required to execute their moves are much simple than the others. They also do not require practice unlike the mishima electric, just frame skyrocket, taunt jet upper techniques. Those moves have very strict timing and have awkward commands to execute.

Next is frame data. Frame data is the number of frames certain moves have before they activate or before they recover some moves. There’s this fast recovery and some have slow recovery and some moves are punishable while other moves are safe.

Now how do you know if the move is safe or punishable? First there are two types of punishable moves. First, the so-called jab punishable and second the launch punishable [PxxxT]. If the move is 10 frames to 14 frames then the move is jab punishable and if it is 15 frames or higher then it is launch punisher. If the opponent launches you, then they get a full combo. Depending on the stage they may even get a wall combo, so be careful what moves you will use.

And last, but not the least, is the movement. As I said earlier, Tekken 7 has lateral movement so you can “sidestep” certain moves. To test if moves track, go to practice mode, pick the character you want to learn how to counter. From there, record the specific move you want to counter if you step left and it “whiffs”–meaning the move does not hit you–then the move can step to the left and vice versa.

Now to counter opponents you step a lot you need to use homing moves, you’ll know that the move is homing because homing moves have white sparks on them when you do the move. Now that sums up the basics of mobile legends and in Tekken 7.

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