Tangina mo


In my entire practice, I have yet to encounter a prosecutor or a judge who would take “putang ina mo” for a criminal offense. There is an almost iron-clad jurisprudence built around freedom of speech and expression, making the cuss-word as just another figure of speech, blurted out in anger, astonishment, exuberance or even good-hearted praise. No less than the President had become so many times the beneficiary of that legal mindset.

He first dropped the PI bomb publicly as a sitting President, at least as far as I can remember on Pope Francis when the Papal visit brought a monstrous traffic jam that by any stretch of the imagination, was not the fault of the Pope. Incidentally, the Papal visit traffic was just a premonition of what was to become the “new normal” in the traffic situation, the one we are having now. The people have since stopped complaining, resigned to the fact that the government is no longer driven by duty and the decency to solve it.

What followed was a mind-blowing series of PI bomb detonations, by the President. PI the European Union, PI Barrack Obama, PI the Commission on human rights, PI this, PI that, PI left and right.

Every body even inanimate things without a mother became the President’s open target. And as the bombardment went berserk, the President’s minions had the field day following his lead and taking it to new levels, calling every body putang ina. It was as if the PI bomb was legalized without a law being passed. The hardcore DDS like the Tulfos, I supposed took it to heart, throwing away their tooth brush, and having putang ina for mouthwash, cursing the hell out of the whole goddamn world from morning, noon, til night.

All of a sudden, those cuss words became the symbol of bravery and, pushing it further to profundity, the token of defiance to the oppressiveness and pretended decency of the burgouisie ruling class. It suddenly became fashionable to desecrate our mothers.

Oddly, the President with a cursing machine for a mouth resents having the flak thrown at his direction. He wanted the unlimited power to shoot, and the unconditional immunity from having people shoot him back. In short he wanted to change the rules of the cuss-words Olympics that he started to allow for double standards with him doing all the dishing out, but without taking a lick. One by one innocent civilians are recently being plucked from obscurity into the national ignominy of a warrantless arrest – handcuffed and all – for cursing at the President. Some did not even curse, using the comparatively harmless word “buang”.

Now Sen. Bong Go would like the same executive “privilege”, filing a complaint with the NBI against an unnamed college student who shared a disparaging social media post against the Senator. Bong Go appears to me as speaking in behalf of all the DDS themselves, who must have felt worthy of such an entitlement. I shoot you but you can’t shoot me back. It is only a matter of time before Mocha Uson [PxxxT] would sue for libel for being repeatedly called a whore, and Robin Padilla going after everyone who called him bobo. I wonder where Bong Go got this idea to suddenly become sensitive after his stone cold portrayal of an errand boy to the President, after being dismissed as a cheater and a fraud, after playing his lapdog duties with the blind devotion of, well, a lapdog.

In half a century that I had lived my life, from reaching voting age to those angst-ridden activist years to writing for a living to watching the tide of political fortunes change, culminating in the people power revolution, never but never have I encountered the name Bong Go. Not even in the darkest footnote of obscurity. He was never there when it mattered. He was just a monstrosity that came in from the cold, a hideous abomination that the Duterte presidency should take full credit for bringing to life and producing the miracle that is Bong Go as Senator. Now he wants his cake and eats it too.



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