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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Justice for those suffering the ‘silent pandemic’

Two days before the entire Luzon was placed on Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), I was already drafting my letter to request for a flexible...

Drowning in debts and payables: What an individual debtor can do

Recently, the biggest bank in the Philippines BDO Unibank, Inc recently declared that it had incurred a net loss of P4.5 billion in the...

[PODCAST] The World’s Best and Worst CoViD-19 Response

The world has grappled with no end in sight to this pandemic that started in China. But certain countries like Taiwan, Korea,...

What is a valid checkpoint?

This pandemic had greatly affected our way of living, particularly, restriction to travel. The virus spreads through human interaction and movement. So, our Government...

How to make money during a pandemic

In the midst of a very divisive environment, there is one thing that we can all agree on - we are in an uncertain...

Academic freeze too cold? COVID-19’s impact to the youth and education sector

The pandemic is far from over as the number of COVID-positive cases skyrocket. Different sectors of society repeatedly express their disappointment for the government’s...

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