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Straight men don’t hook up with gay or other straight men | Political Myth

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When straight women hook up with lesbians or other straight women, no real explanation is required; when straight men hook up with other straight or gay men, it’s a different story. In special Pride episode of the Political Myth Segment of the Naked PolitiXXX Podcast, our podcasters with their guests question the myth that a man who has sex with gay or other straight men is also gay.

Here is a sneak peek of the podcast:

Q: Kapag ba straight ka (sa kapwa lalaki), are you already gay?


“It’s (also) because of the macho culture, eh. No straight man—walang straight man ang aamin na nakipag-sex sila sa same sex, kasi that will destroy their macho image. Sa mga prison, they’re not gay, but they do gay sex there. There are cultures somewhere in the Middle East—they have families, but they do same-sex sex. There’s actually [a] case in the US military about military men doing gay sex, but they’re straight. So I think, doon nanggagaling ang myth na ‘to—sa macho culture natin, you can’t do gay sex if you’re a straight man…I think you can be straight, you can be gay sex.”—Jeffrey Reyes

“I have heard of this when I was young. ‘Pag sumama ka sa bakla, bakla ka na rin; ‘pag pumatol ka sa bakla, bakla ka na rin. Paano kung trabaho nila ‘yon? It’s a culture, it’s a mindset.”—Mary Geraldine Maluyo

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