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Sinon Loresca’s love for Myanmar

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Paul Tena
Paul Tena is an alumnus of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Politixxx Today and he also traverses into fiction writing in his spare time. Sometimes he goes by his pen name JPE Tena. His debut novel, The Lore Kingdom, was named an Honorable Mention in 2021 Lampara Prize. For more information, you may reach him via tenajpe@gmail.com.

He is dubbed as the King of the Catwalk. With those killer heels and salacious strut, Sinon Loresca gathered a mass of supporters in the years of his public limelight. Initially, he gained notoriety as a social media figure that jumped into mainstream media through his frequent exposure on television. People were amazed with his brawn that matched his over the top personality.

From the United Kingdom, where he used to be based as per his GQ interview, he moved backed to Manila where he originally came from. He appeared in many shows and cemented his superstar status in the Philippines with his charming persona. He also did modelling gigs that came with his fame.

Speaking of modelling, an opportunity in early 2019 came for Sinon. This time, it was in Myanmar. According to a report from the Myanmar Times, he was invited by a local cosmetics brand called Beauty Diary.  There, the extension of his charm widened in scope. Local media outfits started to feature Sinon.

With his golden heart, the Golden Land fell in love with him. The mutual adoration came as Sinon frequented his charity work throughout Myanmar. He did feeding programs across the country and helped the downtrodden to find hope in their challenges. In addition, he also puts the LGBTQI in a positive light especially with his charitable work.

As a pop culture sensation, Sinon stayed even longer in Myanmar. To date, he still stays in Myanmar both as a celebrity and doer of good deeds. In effect, the year that he stayed there continuously makes headlines.

Sinon proved to be a unique celebrity in his own right. He uses his talent to help those in need. The way things are going, he shows no signs of stopping. Surely, we can expect him to shower those in need with affection and support. It will also come as no surprise if the people of Myanmar will love him even more. As Sinon always puts it, Chit Tal (Love you) Myanmar.

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