October 3, 2020 – National Boyfriend Day


When it comes to holidays, there is no denying that boyfriends have been left behind. We have special days for mothers, fathers, girlfriends, siblings and teachers. But we don’t have one for boyfriends. And so this day was created to give thanks to the ever-loving boyfriends in the world and for all the good things that they do for their girlfriends.

Origin of National Boyfriend Day

There is no source that can say that this is an official holiday. In fact, we can say that this is just a myth created on the internet. Surprisingly, this day is becoming increasingly popular in the recent years. Some people probably realized that boyfriends did not have their commemoration day and supported this idea. Why not? Girlfriends have their own day anyway.

Holiday Counterpart

Girlfriend Day is the reason why we have a Boyfriend day. This is being celebrated by spending quality time with your girl pals or by presenting a gift to your partner every August 1st of the year. This originates from a promotional tool for a book by Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield entitled “Girlfriends Getaway,” published in year 2002. Overtime, it evolves and gives a way for the people to celebrate both their romantic girlfriends and platonic friendships. Indeed, this is not just for couples but for singles too. This holiday opens the idea to also have a Boyfriend day which is quite logical in a sense. Surprisingly, this celebration is getting good traction every year. Let’s keep it that way, so that awesome boyfriends get the appreciation and love they deserve annually.

Who can celebrate National Boyfriend Day?

We know that “Boyfriend” usually infers to intimate relationship and may think that this holiday cannot be celebrated by those who are not in a romantic partnership which is totally wrong. Like the Girlfriend’s day, this is also for platonic relationship. The best way to celebrate it would be for someone to take care of her boyfriend for a day and show him the adoration he deserves, or if you are not in romantic relationship, you can hang out with your boy pals, play online games during this pandemic or have an online E-numan session.

Relationship Holidays throughout the world

JapanWhite DayWhite Day in Japan comes one month after Valentine’s Day and is celebrated by people giving reciprocal gifts to those who gave them gifts on Valentine’s Day.March 14
South KoreaBlack DayTied into White Day, Black Day is for those who never received any gifts on Valentine’s Dar or White Day. Those who celebrate treat themselves to a bowl of jajangmyeon, noodles with black sauce.April 14
FinlandYstävänpäiväYstävänpäivä is Finland’s more platonic take on Valentine’s Day. It basically means Friendship Day and people celebrate their friends and lovers. It’s a big celebration of people you like by the sounds of it.February 14
ChinaSingles DayThis is a huge holiday in China where single people buy themselves gifts. It has grown so popular that it has become China’s biggest online shopping day.November 11

Why should we celebrate National Boyfriend Day?

Your boyfriend is your partner in crime. A boyfriend do not just listen to stories but he also makes himself the best supporter all the time. Whether it is just to support your tantrums, or something serious related to your career, boyfriend will always be their by your side. So thank you to all boyfriends!

They always put their best foot forward. A good boyfriend will always try his best to make a good impression. He knows that relationship requires effort. Even if he waits for more than an hour while you are buying stuff from a store or has to wait and pick you up during a date, as long as you are happy, it does not matter.

They are a secret keeper. Your boyfriend will always take your side and keep your secret, but will also guide you all the time. He will not put you at risk anytime and anywhere. Boyfriend’s Day is the perfect excuse to tell them how much you appreciate them. So make sure you show your man some love today.



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