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Netiquette: How to be responsible netizens

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Filipinos are known to be as the top users of the internet for the year 2019, spending an average time of 10 hours and 2 minutes a day online. This is based on Digital 2019: Global Digital Overview report.

But as the number of social media users increases, there are also times that the internet is not being used properly. There are rules and etiquette that we should follow when using the internet, so here are some of the etiquette that we must follow to be responsible netizens:

  1. Think before you click.

– A simple post online can reach a huge amount of audience, that is why it is always better to think first before posting anything. Avoid posting anything offensive that can cause harm to a person. For example, refrain from posting real-time vacation updates or your present locations, since this can be used as an opportunity by thieves.

2. Double check first before reposting any news article.

– Fake news is one of the common issues we are encountering on Facebook; these are posts that are meant to provide wrong and misleading information. Before sharing any new article always check if the source is credible. The reason why we must be cautious is that sharing fake news can be penalized by the law. In fact, a bill pending in the Senate, SB No. 1492 section 2 provides that Any person who will be proven guilty of malicious creation and distribution of false news will face a fine ranging from P100,000 to P5,000,000 and imprisonment ranging from 1 to 5 years.

3. Always be respectful

– Be polite always and avoid initiating a fight online, we must also accept the fact that everyone has their own opinion and beliefs. That is why when we see a post that we disagree with, it is much better to scroll up instead of starting a debate. By doing this we are also making the internet a safe place for everyone, since if we start a fight online there are chances that it can also be seen by other users. We should avoid spreading negativity as consideration to other users of social media.

The internet gives us the open space to connect with other people and post anything we want, but we should always follow these etiquette in order to become responsible users. Always think that the internet is an extension of society, so always apply proper behavior as you browse. By following these set of etiquettes, you are already being part of making the internet a safe place. 


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