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LOOK: A letter to VP Leni from a 10-year old child of an OFW

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Nikolai Ocampo, a 10-year old from Bulacan and a child of an OFW penned and read a heartfelt letter to Vice President Leni Robredo during an online forum organized by supporters of VP Leni Roredo last October 30, 2021.

Below is a transcript of his letter.

Dear VP Leni,

I wish that the schools will open once again because I miss my teachers and classmates and online schooling is really hard.

I wish that one day, there will be no more Community pantries because my heart breaks for people who fall in long lines under the sun.

I wish that this pandemic will end so our frontliners can come home safe and hug their kids like they used to.

I wish there’d be more high paying jobs available in our country so that my Tatay no longer needs to work abroad and he can come home every night for dinner. Gil Ocampo

I joined my pregnant mom in the pink caravan one saturday and i saw a lot of moms who don’t know each other cheering and shouting your name VP Leni. It is as if they have found hope and light in you. Masaya po sila. Puno ng pag-asa.

My Nanay is your number one supporter even though purple is her favorite color she’s always wearing pink now. And though my favorite color is black and gray, i’ll add pink coz mothers know best.

In our religion assignment, we were asked to say a prayer for our country and I wrote “God, please help our people choose their leader wisely”. But my Ninong Jan-Argy Tolentino said I have to be specific in my prayers so every night I will pray that all Filipino vote for you, the leader we need at the moment. The leader who is always present. The leader who has solutions. The leader who is honest and caring. The leader who loves her people regardless of their flaws.

Fight for us VP Leni.

Do your best for us VP Leni.

Win for us VP Leni.

We love you and we pray for you VP Leni. Fighting!

(This post was made with expressed consent from the child’s parents)

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