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Isko Moreno: Profile, Platforms, Accomplishments, Controversies, & Stands on Issues

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(UPDATED based on Jessica Soho’s presidential interviews, aired on GMA on January 22, 2022.)

Welcome to Politixxx Today’s profile of presidential aspirants. This series aims to know better the personalities who are vying to be the country’s 17th president. It provides an opportunity for readers to scrutinize their political background and platforms on hot-button issues.

Isko Moreno, the celebrity-turned-politician who rose to national fame for his style of governance in Manila, is vying to be the next president. He is capitalizing on his gains in the nation’s capital for just two short years, lifting its reputation from a polluted and poverty-stricken place to a more sophisticated and economically advantaged one.

Basic Information

Age: 47 years old

Birthday: October 24, 1974

Mother: Rosario Moreno
Father: Joaquin Domagoso

Educational Attainment:
Elementary: Rosauro Alamario Elementary School
High School: Tondo High School
College: Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (Bachelor in Public Administration)
Arellano University (Bachelor of Laws)
University of the Philippines Diliman (Local Legislation and Local Finance)
Harvard University (Executive Education Program)
Oxford University (Strategic Leadership Program)

Spouse: Diana Lynn Ditan

Civil Status: Married (m. 2000)

1. Vincent Patrick Domagoso
2. Frances Diane Domagoso
3. Joaquín André Domagoso
4. Franco Dylan Domagoso
5. Drake Marcus Domagoso

Net Worth: PhP70 million “more or less”

Political Affiliation:
Nacionalista Party (2006-2012)
Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (2012-2016)
United Nationalist Alliance (2012-2014)
National Unity Party (2016-2021)
Aksyon Demokratiko (2021-present)

Human Interest Information

First Movie: “May Minamahal” (1993)

Favorite Hangout: Rados Lechonan sa Simon

Name of Dog: ‘Yorme’ (Caucasian Ovcharka)

Title of MMK Episode: “Aklat” (2004)

YouTube Subscribers: 46,000

YouTube Lifetime Views: 16,956,653

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno greeted supporters in Antipolo City on December 16. (Photograph from Mayor Moreno’s Facebook page)

Political Career

Councilor, 1st District, Manila (1998-2007)

Vice Mayor, Manila (2007-2016)

Mayor, Manila (2019-present)

Initiatives as Manila Mayor

• Public housing projects (ex. Basecommunity in Baseco, Tondominium 1 and 2 in Tondo and Binondominium in Binondo, among others)

• Anti-discrimination ordinance

• Crackdown on vandalism

• COVID-19 response including the construction of a COVID-19 field hospital for just 52 days.

Awards and Citations

• People Asia Magazine’s People of the Year (Awardee, 2020)

• Asia Leaders Award Man of the Year (2020)

• Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce Award of Excellence (2021)

• Philippine Movie Press Club Inspirational and Outstanding Leader (2021)

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and running mate Dr. Willie Ong greeted supporters in Navotas City on December 10. (Photograph from Mayor Moreno’s Facebook page)

Platforms and Stand on Issues

COVID-19 Pandemic Assuring enough facilities, equipment and medicines to be used by doctors to respond to the pandemic.
Abolish task forces and remove czars to oversee the government’s pandemic response; instead, he will tap infectious disease experts to lead the COVID-19 response.
Replicate his COVID-19 initiatives in Manila like quickly setting up field hospitals and a command structure to get updates and set targets.
Establish field hospitals per region in the country.
Economic RecoveryExtend zero-interest loans for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).
Two-pronged approach to aid MSMEs: first is partnering with the Interior and Agriculture Department and Landbank, while the second is reducing taxes on fuel and electricity.
Efficient distribution of aid to families to ensure they can survive during the pandemic.
Drug War Campaign To continue President Duterte’s drug war but would not allow extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses to prosper.
Insists that the justice system is ‘working’ when asked about the ICC’s temporary pause of its investigation against Duterte and his subordinates.
Nonetheless, he is open to cooperating with the ICC and improving relationships with international organizations.
West Philippine Sea Would imitate Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s response to China’s bullying: sending strong messages and taking significant actions over their territory to assert their sovereignty.
Vows to modernize the Philippine Navy and Philippine Coast Guard to improve the country’s line of defense in the West Philippine Sea.
Pursue joint oil and gas explorations with China as long as it will be done through service contracts awarded by the Philippines.
Ensure that fishermen would be able to fish in our territories and the military will be present in those areas.
Peace Talks With Communist Rebels Supports restoration of peace talks with CPP-NPA-NDF.
Moreno – an observer of peace talks with rebels before – urged the government to convince communist rebels to return to civil life and achieve peace.
Climate Change and the Environment To push massive rehabilitation, recovery and reforestation to the country’s forests with the help of indigenous peoples and local communities.
Invest in infrastructure focusing on clean and renewable energy, such as the construction of solar, hydroelectric and geothermal energy infrastructure.
Infrastructure Continue Duterte’s “Build, Build, Build” program and expand its coverage nationwide, prioritizing Visayas and Mindanao for inclusive and equitable economic growth.
Will focus on projects such as hospitals, public housing and public schools.
Allocate funds for a national broadband plan for a cheaper and faster internet.
Education Copying his strategy in Manila, he promises to give tablets to teachers and students and provide them reliable internet connection.
Vows to invest in the needs of the youth such as school facilities, fast internet connection, prioritization of competitive subjects like science and mathematics and growing the business process outsourcing (BPO) centers where students work upon graduation.
Agriculture Providing long-term agriculture funding.
Setting up cold storage facilities in every province.
Limiting importation of agri products and ensuring that local producers will be able to sell their products first.
A priority of the Moreno administration would be to curb smuggling.
Same Sex Marriage and LGBTQ+ Rights Don’t support same-sex marriage.
Won’t overlook the LGBTQ+ community once elected, as evident in the anti-discrimination ordinance he signed last year in Manila.
The ABS-CBN Franchise and Press Freedom To sign a Congress-approved ABS-CBN franchise once the bill landed on his desk.
Divorce Supports divorce.
Labor Rights Use local government’s share in taxes – under the 2018 Mandanas ruling – to generate more jobs.
Contractualization is “least of my problems.”
Create new jobs for workers displaced because of COVID-19; security of tenure to be discussed once pandemic subsides.
Death Penalty Doesn’t support reimposition of death penalty.
Political Dynasty In June, he said he opposed political dynasty, stressing that government positions should not be “inherited” in a democracy.
Marcos’s Martial Law While he admired the “vision” of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, he condones the abuses committed during the Martial Law era.
He added that those who committed abuses and stole from the country’s coffers will be dealt with accordingly by the rule of law.
Implicitly criticized the Marcos-Robredo feud, saying that they were only avenging for themselves and not intent on serving the people.

Poverty and Income Inequality: Provide housing and establish basic services facilities to alleviate poverty and income inequality.

Substitution by Withdrawal: Support

Mandatory Drug Testing: Support

Allowing 100% foreign ownership: Support

Lowering the age of criminal liability (CURRENTLY set at 15 years old): Don’t support

Corruption: Warns corrupt officials, saying he won’t tolerate them.

Rights of Overseas Filipino Workers: Ask countries to protect the welfare of OFWs.

Disaster Resilience: Acquire technology and establish facilities to ensure Filipinos are protected from disasters.

Visiting Forces Agreement: Support

Abolition of Presidential Commission on Good Governance (PCGG): Don’t support

Allowing operations of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO): Support

Legalization of Jueteng: Support

Legalization of Medical Marijuana: Support

PhilHealth: A financial expert should head PhilHealth to grow its money, which may expire in 2027.

On Fake News: Hold owners of social media platforms accountable for allowing fake news to spread.

Marawi Rehabilitation:
– 100% rehabilitation by December 2022.
– Give land properties to its residents so they can build houses there.        

Releasing their SALN to the Public: Yes

Releasing their Medical Records to the Public: Yes

Prohibition of Candidates Facing Charges: Don’t support

Two-Party or Multi-Party System: Two-Party

Parliamentary or Presidential: Presidential

Supporters swarmed Manila Mayor Isko Moreno at his visit in Malabon City on December 10. (Photograph from Mayor Moreno’s Facebook page)

Notable Friends in Business and Politics

• Senate President-Pro Tempore Ralph Recto

• Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto

• Rep. Toto Mangudadatu

Other Controversies

• Duterte implicitly took aim at Moreno in August after Manila suffered a chaotic vaccination drive and aid distribution. The president said that a public official whose nude photos are out in the public is not deserving to hold the office. “Yan ang gusto ninyo? Ang training parang, para lang call boy, naghuhubad… ‘Yan ang training ng presidente, maghubad at magpapicture, at magsilip, magyabang sa kanilang ari,” said Duterte. Moreno has shrugged off such descriptions of him.

• But months later, as Sen. Bong Go withdrew his candidacy for president, Moreno has sought Duterte’s endorsement, causing some to brand him as a flip-flopper. The mayor has now been heaping praises of the president, whom he criticized just a few months earlier. The Palace has not announced whom the president will support in the May 2022 elections.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno at the Bilis Kilos Youth Movement in San Andres, Manila on December 13. (Photograph from Mayor Moreno’s Facebook page)


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