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Forgotten Korean Movie Review: an oriental bomb in the suspense genre

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Paul Tena
Paul Tena is an alumnus of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Politixxx Today and he also traverses into fiction writing in his spare time. Sometimes he goes by his pen name JPE Tena. His debut novel, The Lore Kingdom, was named an Honorable Mention in 2021 Lampara Prize. For more information, you may reach him via tenajpe@gmail.com.

Korean films generated tons of traction over the past two decades. Most movie goers tend to look for their drama or love stories. As a result, other genres in the Korean film scene are often neglected – save in the early 2000s when Korean dominated as the produced some of the most horrifying movies ever created. Props to Bong Joon Ho’s masterpiece, Parasite, the worldwide audience once again considered the wide array of Korean entertainment that caters to different tastes and delivers various flavors. 

The Overview

The film stars Kang Ha-neul as Jin-seok. The story begins when Jin-seok moves to a new house together with his family. Things went eerie when his brother, Yoo-seok, was targeted by kidnappers. Days came and went, Yoo-seok returned.

Jin-seok started to feel the strange behavior of his family. Eventually, he realizes that the people he thought to be his family are actually nowhere near his kin. He then decided to run away and asked for the assistance of the police. Believing that he is only 21 years old in the year 1997, he disclosed candidly to the police officers what he knew. Unfortunately for him, the year was actually in 2017 and he is no longer in the prime years of his youth.

The exhilaration mounts

From there, the twists and turns will leave the audience guessing about the true identity of Jin-seok as well as the truth about his life. Whether he is a victim or a villain, movie-goers can bet on their intuitions. This gives us more curiosity that makes the film worth watching.  

Furthermore, as the movie progresses, a couple of mysteries will be left to the curiosity of the viewer. The jam-packed and action-filled movie will start to creep in as a thriller that will leave you wanting. Also, the film dares us to seek for the truth over the fiasco that surrounds Jin-seok’s life.

A personal judgment

Similar to the award-winning Parasite film, Forgotten cements the grandiosity of Asian thrillers – particularly those made in Korea. This thriller banks on the inherent mysteries surrounding the characters rather that hollow jump scares. Forgotten slowly builds its momentum that will leave us in shock and curious at the same time.

Indeed, this underrated film suits the mood of November’s Halloween. But more than that, Forgotten is a movie that is hard to predict. That alone makes it worthy of binge-watch at any time of the year.



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