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#TodayInHistory: The 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks- The Day America Turned Upside Down

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Stephen Roan
Stephen Matthew S. Roan is a Global Affairs Columnist at Politixxx Today. He previously served as Editor-in-Chief of The Bedan Roar, the official student publication of San Beda University-Rizal SHS. He was also a former Vice-President of the Bedan Model United Nations and a Student Council Board Member. With a keen interest in global politics and affairs, and as an advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals, he is now part of a youth-led network in the Asia-Pacific - the 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines - which helps realize the 2030 Agenda. He is also pursuing his undergraduate studies at De La Salle University-Manila under the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Major in American Studies degree program. You may reach him through his email: stephenmatthewroan@yahoo.com.

20 years ago today, the September 11 attacks surprised the world as four hijacked commercial planes crashed to the World Trade Center Towers, US Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The September 11 Attack was the single most deadliest terrorist attack in history.

Four commercial planes were hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorists. Two planes crashed to the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, one plane crashed in the US Pentagon, and one plane dived near Shanksville Pennsylvania but was believed to be targeting the US Capitol or the White House.

The terrorist group Al Qaeda took responsibility of the attacked which prompted the United States to launch a War on Terror to hold the terrorists accountable. (READ: EXPLAINER: What happened to Afghanista? Specter of Taliban Returns and the 20-year US’ War on Terror https://politixxx.today/explainer-what-happened-to-afghanistan-specter-of-taliban-returns-the-20-year-us-war-on-terror/)


When news on 9/11 Attacks surprised America, then-US President George Bush was in Florida visiting a school. Intelligence reports fear that the president might be the terrorists’ next target.

The President and his team immediately boarded Air Force One—the Presidential Plane—as this was the safest place for the president to perform his duties.

The entire airspaces of both United States and Canada were closed, with only the President’s plane flying 45,000 feet above air, and US President George Bush governed America midair.


On the aftermath of the September 11 Attacks, then-US President George Bush spoke to the nation and the world that no terrorist attack can “touch the foundation of America” and they cannot “dent the steel of American resolve”.

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