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#Eleksyon2022 Sara Duterte’s Cebu Problem

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The Durano family has long been the political patron of the 5th district of Cebu and the city of Danao. Vicente Duterte, Sara Duterte’s grandfather, was once mayor of Danao. But the Duterte family’s roots in Cebu go far deeper.

Severo Duterte, the father of Beatriz Duterte who married Ramon Durano (the Durano patriarch), is the brother of Facundo Duterte. Facundo is the father of Vicente, who is, of course, Sara’s grandfather.

All is well and at peace in the 5th district until the son-in-law of Gov. Gwen Garcia, then mayor Duke Frasco, challenged Rep. Ramon Durano VI and won in 2019. The Duranos were undefeated in the fifth district for the last 50 years. Cong. Frasco is married to Liloan Mayor Christina Garcia-Frasco, Sara Duterte’s campaign spokesperson.

In next year’s election, the Duranos will not only try to retake the 5th district of Cebu but is also competing for the Governorship of the Queen Province of the South. Ace Durano, several degree cousin of Sara Duterte, former DOT Secretary, has allied with Vice-Governor Hilario Davide III, and filed his candidacy for Governor of Cebu. This is what happens when political families encroach on each other’s turf. Bloodbath.

Now, Bongbong Marcos who lost Cebu poorly in 2016 saw an opening with two allies of Sara Duterte fighting for supremacy in this vote rich province. And the Garcia’s, thinking maybe blood is thicker than water when the Davao Mayor couldn’t stop her relatives from challenging them, entertained the posturing of Bongbong Marcos and welcomed him with open arms in Cebu this week.

This was a shock to the allies of Sara. They couldn’t believe Gwen Garcia would revolt this early against the Duterte’s. All of sudden, the CoViD stricken mayor of Davao had to fly to Cebu wearing a SARA ALL 2022 green hoodie to stop the hemorrhaging local support from bickering allies and other local leaders around the country believing she’s no longer running. Sara Duterte is still in contention for 2022, that is her message to all dilly-dallying politicos.

Cebu province has over 3 million voters. In 2016, the province delivered over a million votes to Sara’s father. Cebu is a kingmaker. Bongbong Marcos knows this by experience. When Sara decides to run, she will need an intact Cebu political machine to her side. Time is ticking for Sara.

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