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#Eleksyon2022 Ramon Ang as Presidentiable for 2022?

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John Leonard Landicho
John Leonard Landicho is a writer-correspondent of Politixxx Today. He is a senior high school student in San Beda University Rizal.

When the pandemic crippled the economy, forced people into poverty and killed thousand of lives, compassionate, powerful individuals stood up to lend their hand to help their fellowmen survive under extreme circumstances. One of them is Ramon S. Ang, 67-year old, the Chief Executive Officer of Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc. and the Chief Operating Officer, Vice-Chairman and President of San Miguel Corporation.

Ramon Ang may be well-known name in the field of business as the COO of a multi-billion company, but over the years, he has become an agent of change and nation-building. He has emerged as an outstanding leader and philanthropist by taking extreme measures in solving rising problems of the country, from infrastructure, health crisis, environment, etc.

Beginning of Success

Ramon Ang was not born into privilege, rather he was a victim of poverty. He used to be a working student, trying to make ends meet to help sustain their family’s lifestyle. He went to high school in Philippine Cultural High School and graduated college in Far Eastern University with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

Mark Cojuangco introduced Ramon to his father and business tycoon, Danding Cojuangco, and initially bonded over their love of luxury cars. Little did they know that it was a start of a strong partnership. Danding appointed Ramon as the general manager of a cement manufacturing company called Northern Cement and later on tasked him to be an executive of San Miguel Corporation

During his time as an executive, he expanded SMC by broadening the variety of products and services offered by the company. His management made the company “the country’s biggest multi-nation conglomerate.”

Danding Cojuangco saw the triumph of his company under the hard work and effective leadership of Ramon Ang, which led him to pass the torch to Ramon Ang. Cojuangco assigned Ang to a major leadership role and sold him his 11-percent share of the company, making Ang the chief Operations Officer, president and largest biggest shareholder of San Miguel Corporation.

photo from Ramon Ang’s Facebook Page

Philanthropy and Leadership

In 2011, The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) awarded Ramon Ang the “Entrepreneur of the Year” for being one of the leading contributors in the development of Patrol 117, a national emergency hotline. He also provided scholarship programs for underprivileged children, feeding programs, relief goods, free check-ups, livelihood and other causes.

In the midst of the pandemic, Ang helped the LGUs, national government and other organizations in dealing with the crisis. It was reported that he donated 55,000 PPEs for frontliners, 1.1 million kilograms of rice and 511 million peso worth of food. He did not lay off 700,000 trusted employees, rather he provided them temporary shelter. Moreover, he used his manufacturing factory of alcoholic beverages to create rubbing alcohol for all citizens. Sadly, it was reported that he contracted COVID-19 three times in 2020.

Ramon Ang focused on restoring the beauty of nature and environment, so he spearheaded the rehabilitation of important rivers and waterways such as the Pasig River. He was also the key person responsible for the construction of Skyway 3, an extension of the Metro Manila skyway.

Ramon Ang as Presidentiable in 2022?

There were rumors that Ang might be one of the individuals who will throw his hat on the presidential ring come 2022. Although he expressed no interest on being a candidate of the highest position in the land, there is still a large possibility that he might run, like his close ally, Mayor Duterte in 2016.

Ang’s political connections reportedly include his ties with the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), his friendship with President Duterte and association with Wen Velasco, the wife of Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Jay Velasco, among others.

Ramon Ang is an emerging face of change in the country. His long record of prosperity and victory proved his outstanding contribution as a leader, billionaire and Filipino.

Is he going to heed the higher call of public service? Let us all watch out!

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#Eleksyon2022 Ramon Ang as Presidentiable for 2022?

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