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[EDITORIAL] Our democracy is not a game of musical chairs, “substitution” of candidates is mockery of election

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Rob Ramos
Rob Ramos is the former Media Officer of the Liberal Party NHQ. Communications graduate from the Ateneo de Manila. Alumni of the FNF International Academy for Leadership. 10 years in Public Service.

The zarzuela perpetuated against our democracy with the string of announcements regarding the candidates for President and Vice President of some political parties has to stop. Substitution when used as an election strategy is a mockery of the election process, violative of the clear intent of our election laws.

One of the most sacrosanct tenets of any democracy is the right of the people to elect the officials who will enact our will. The right to suffrage and the elections every few years or so where we exercise this are cornerstones of our Republic, bought and defended by the blood of activists, soldiers, decent civil servants, and ordinary citizens alike.

So it comes as a shock that people who claim to serve our people and the Republic would stoop this low by turning our elections into nothing more than a game of musical chairs. With their strange act of changing parties and withdrawals and substitutions over 2-3 days these so-called leaders have spat on everything from our Election Code and the sanctity of the Vote.

That this political comedy is done in open view and reported over nationwide news no less shows the level of brazenness and impunity such people have.

We wonder why they could not have just stuck to their word and declared intent at the filing of candidacies. Why are we witness to this very public misuse of the substitution clause of the Election Code? 

If they can lie over something so simple as the Certificate of Candidacy, what bigger lies are beyond them? If they can be so deceptive in public, where else will they deceive the public if they are allowed to hold such high offices?

To quote the Good Book:

“Whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much”

To save the country from this pandemic and so the betterment of the lives of ordinary Filipinos, we need better leaders than these who cannot even be honest about the position they are running for.

You deserve better, Filipino people. Choose better in May 2022.

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