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Conversations with a social media content creator: Cleo Loque

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Stephen Roan
Stephen Matthew S. Roan is a Global Affairs Columnist at Politixxx Today. He previously served as Editor-in-Chief of The Bedan Roar, the official student publication of San Beda University-Rizal SHS. He was also a former Vice-President of the Bedan Model United Nations and a Student Council Board Member. With a keen interest in global politics and affairs, and as an advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals, he is now part of a youth-led network in the Asia-Pacific - the 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines - which helps realize the 2030 Agenda. He is also pursuing his undergraduate studies at De La Salle University-Manila under the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Major in American Studies degree program. You may reach him through his email: stephenmatthewroan@yahoo.com.

With the rise of content creators shaping social media, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the young starting social media content creators I personally know: Cleo Loque.

Cleo is an outgoing, yet humble person. When you come across her in school hallways, expect her jolly smile to greet you back. I remember her starting her campaign for the student council in San Beda. When she became part of the student council, she would take part in organizing events and initiating projects which exposed her to the life of public service. Combined with her natural wits and excellence as a consistent awardee, she has grown to be a young influencer for her peers and fellow students.    

SKINCARE ROUTINE 2018: Cleo Loque’s most watched video on her main channel “cleorine faith”.

Later on, she would eventually start her “cleorine faith” YouTube Channel with 33.9K subscribers and a million views as of writing. She started off sharing tips and tricks on clothing hauls, school accessories haul, and even about high school life. Her videos were lifestyle-centered, which eventually became the main focus of her channel. She would also share her fashion and skincare tips, with her skincare routine as the most popular video on her channel with 315K views.

shopee TRY-ON haul: Cleo Loque’s most watched video on her second channel “Cleo Diaries”.

She also started “Cleo Diaries”, her second YouTube Vlog Channel currently with 16.2K subscribers and approximately 390K views. Her most-watched video on her second channel was a clothing haul for online shopping with 127K views. She focused on vlogging and ‘diaries’ for her second channel, mostly centered on her everyday life and personal journey.

Cleo shared that she started YouTube as a joke. “I started YouTube, actually, as a hobby lang. Not to earn money or become an influencer kaagad, but as entertainment muna,” (I started doing YouTube as a hobby at first. It wasn’t to earn money or be an influencer, but a form of entertainment for me at first,) she explained.


While maintaining her social media presence, she is also a student-leader as an officer for the student council. She shared that one of her hardships in doing ‘vlogs’ and as a content creator is time management.

“Mostly time, because I am also a student, a leader, and a content creator all at the same time,” Cleo expressed.

Aside from time management, the COVID-19 pandemic was also a challenge for her, due to the uncertainty it brings over our society. With the pandemic locking up people into their homes, some people have started doing YouTube as well to cope up with boredom.

Cleo mentioned that social media is slowly being ‘oversaturated’ with a lot of Filipinos and the youth wanting to become content creators.

Cleo also shared her realizations brought by the pandemic and the norm for online means of communication.

I realized na behind every screen, there is someone with a different story na may ibang pinagdadaanan sa buhay.”

Cleo Loque on her realizations on being a content creator.

(TRANSLATION: I realized that behind every screen is a story of someone who experiences a lot in life), she expressed.

Her ‘unpredictable audience’ made her cautious on what to say and what not to say in front of the camera because she explained that “the larger the following, the greater the responsibility should be.”


When asked about the essence of speaking up, especially in using their voice as an influencer and content creator for spreading awareness on certain issues, Cleo explained that it is a civic duty.

“Even if we are young, it is important to let ourselves be heard on our stance on certain issues. It is our way to let our voices be heard.”

Cleo Loque on the importance of the youth on speaking up.

She also reiterated the importance of being responsible content creators when the topic of cancel culture was brought up.

“Hindi maiiwasan na may mga content creators na magkakamali sa sinabi nila, and I think we must not cancel them based on one mistake, but instead seek for accountability and leave a room for improvement,” she added.

She also called on fellow youths and content creators to be wary of the stuff we post on social media, especially now that there are a lot of eyes on us on social media.


MULA SA PILIPINA, PARA SA PILIPINA. Cleo Loque formally launches her brand’s website and shares the milestone to her followers and supporters in Facebook. [Photo Courtesy of Hiraya Pilipina Facebook Page]

Aside from her YouTube Channel, Cleo maintains her social media presence through her ‘Hiraya Pilipina” brand which primarily markets classic statement t-shirts about women empowerment and advocating for a safe space for Filipinas.

According to Cleo, Hiraya Pilipina was an initiative for her to express herself through fashion and style. The brand lives on a mission that someday, women would be able to dress not only to express but to also empower.

Just recently, Cleo was able to formally launch the website for Hiraya Pilipina to cater more customers. Her dedication to social media influencing and creating a safe-space community for Filipinas tell us that young Filipinas are now stepping up, and it’s about time.



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