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The Blame Game: Confronting the Irony of the first EDSA Anniversary under another Marcos

It was the 22nd of February 1986. We are looking at hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life gathering and marching...

Fidel V. Ramos: Life, Death, Legacies, Achievements and Controversies

MANILA, Philippines. Former President Fidel V. Ramos passed away on July 31 at the age of 94. His family is yet to announce the...

Takeaway and Summary of President Bongbong Marcos’ First SONA: Full of Hope and Dreams for Better Philippines

The State of the Nation Address or SONA is delivered by the President of the Philippines every year. In taking the helm of state...

(RECAP) CNN Philippines’s 2022 Presidential Debate: Robredo and Lacson shine, Montemayor, Moreno and Ka Leody clashed

Few fireworks erupted at Sunday night's presidential debate organized by CNN Philippines and held at the University of Santo Tomas

Highlights from the CNN Philippines’s 2022 Vice-Presidential Debate

Confrontational moments permeated the first vice-presidential debate organized by CNN Philippines.

PROFILES: The Battle of the “Presidential” Campaign Managers for #Eleksyon2022

The 2022 elections will not only feature the battle between presidentiables and vice-presidentiables but also between their respective campaign managers who will architect the...

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Top 10 Political Moments in the Philippines of 2021

Philippine politics is always messy, and 2021 is no exception. But as the 2022 elections is fast approaching, the political drama has escalated to...

Candidates pause politics, send relief to ‘Odette’ victims

Candidates for the two top national posts temporarily set aside politics and exhausted their resources and machinery to aid victims of Typhoon ‘Odette,’ which...

LOOK: A letter to VP Leni from a 10-year old child of an OFW

https://youtu.be/kbNc9edEm3E Nikolai Ocampo, a 10-year old from Bulacan and a child of an OFW penned and read a heartfelt letter to Vice President Leni Robredo...

#Eleksyon2022 Sara Duterte’s Cebu Problem

The Durano family has long been the political patron of the 5th district of Cebu and the city of Danao. Vicente Duterte, Sara Duterte’s...

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