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October 3, 2020 – National Boyfriend Day

When it comes to holidays, there is no denying that boyfriends have been left behind. We have special days for mothers, fathers, girlfriends, siblings...

Classic Again Review: A feel good nostalgia

Throwbacks invite memories that we’d rather set aside. However, some spark our inner child or simply bring out fond memories for us to linger....

LOOK: A Tour of South Korea’s Top Universities in Pictures Part 1: Ewha Womans University

They say that one can have a good look at the soul of a country not only through its public markets or parks or...

LOOK: Why this poster of Our Lady of Sorrow posted by UST gets ‘rave’ reviews from ‘faithful’ fans on Twitter

Today, September 15th of ordinary time, we are celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Sorrow. According to the Catholic Education Research Center, the...

Is Philippine English legit? On the History and Legitimacy of Philippine English

In my previous article, I discussed the paradigm of World Englishes and Kachru's Concentric Circle of English. Based on Kachru's framework, native English speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada,...

EXCLUSIVE: Pinay trans women speak up on Pemberton’s release: “disappointed but not surprised”

With US Marine Class Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton's release, the death of Jennifer Laude was brought back to the conversation. In an initiative of Politixxx Today, five trans women were interviewed regarding their thoughts on the issue.

PXXXT’s Top 5 Political Book Recommendations of the Week

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links which means PXXXT will earn commission if you decide to purchase through the links provided. Hey political junkies‼️ We...

The ballad of Mulan

About 400 CE, a "fu", a prose-poem began circulating in imperial China. It told the story of a teenage girl who made the life and...

The Rise of “Philippine BL”

You’ve probably noticed the sudden influx of unfamiliar content trending on Twitter these past few months. If these feature two boys shown as a...

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