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Biden-Harris wins in historic US election

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Paul Tena
Paul Tena is an alumnus of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Politixxx Today and he also traverses into fiction writing in his spare time. Sometimes he goes by his pen name JPE Tena. His debut novel, The Lore Kingdom, was named an Honorable Mention in 2021 Lampara Prize. For more information, you may reach him via tenajpe@gmail.com.

The heated 2020 US Elections will mark as one of the closest fights in the race to the prestigious and powerful post in the White House. The road became a nail-biter journey for both ends of American political spectrum. As onlookers from each corner of the globe witness the result, audiences grip in the edges of their seats as each vote casted turn into a statistical fact that marked in shaping the US today. Perhaps, the biggest political news of the year, kept us excited and anxious both at the same time. Now, as both Biden and Harris are deemed President and Vice President-elect, respectively, the thrilling turn of events still lingers in all of us.

Historic feats

We witnessed new milestones in this year of suffrage as the Democratic bets – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – create new records in the American political history. For Biden, he will be the oldest Chief Executive in America once he assumes his post. In addition, Kamala Harris, Biden’s running-mate, will also carve her own history as the first woman to hold the second to the highest executive post in the US. She is also the first African-American and South Asian to be seated as Vice President in the US. 

Crucial events

The elections in the Midwest states proved to be the battle ground in this election. Though President Trump gained an initial lead in the key states, Joe Biden created waves as a dark horse when he gathered more votes as the counting wrapped up. Dubbed as the blue wall, the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania ultimately favored the fate for the Biden camp. Biden also gained a momentous win from mail-in ballots that came in late in the counting. The slim margins in the key states became the battle ground for the contenders. President Trump’s stronghold in the southern states – including the erstwhile swing state of Florida – did not measure up to his party’s expectations as the Republicans lagged in obtaining the 270 magic number in the Electoral College.

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Demographics of the result

The winning trend for Democrats comes in urban areas, college-educated, women and African-American voters. By contrast, the Republicans cemented their stronghold among rural, male and white voters. In addition, the predictions of the polls that were made prior to the election result showed less accuracy. Notably, the landslide win for the Biden-Harris ticket did not prosper even though they won in the end. This year’s election affirmed that each election can be either party’s ballgame.

World Leaders send their congratulations

As soon as all the newsrooms in the US called the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, world leaders were quick to send their congratulations to the newly elected President and Vice President of the United States.

In a statement through Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte of the Philippines extended his warm congratulations to former Vice President Joseph “Joe” Biden. Roque also mentioned that President Duterte was looking “forward to working closely with the new administration of President-elect Biden anchored on mutual respect, mutual benefit, and shared commitment to democracy, freedom and the rule of law.”

Similar congratulatory remarks were made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Israeli Prime Minister and staunch ally of Donald Trump Benjamin Netanyahu, among others.

Call for unity

A refreshing speech that called for unity and inspiration was delivered by the Democrats when they hit the podium in the late night of November 7. Americans are now urged to set their differences aside in the hopes of rebuilding America amid the catastrophic events brought by the pandemic. As of writing, President Trump has yet to issue a concession in the election. Still, the world showered America with celebratory messages as the US enters a new chapter of leadership. [For more in-depth stories on US election, read our Reader on US election 2020]



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