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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Nana Valdueza

Your resident "all-about Korea" corresponder. I give you the latest reviews on Korean dramas, KPOP releases, and your favorite Korean actors. I also share cultural tips and know-how, so when you visit the city of the soul, Seoul city or other parts of Korea, it's like you've been there before. I am a Content Producer by profession, but I do fashion designing and digital arts by the side as a hobby. I came to know Korea when I started becoming a KPOP fan in 2006 of big names such as DBSK, BoA, Super Junior and Big Bang. You can say I am your resident KPOP tita! Also, I had a chance to live in Korea in 2013 when I studied in a university. So ask me and message me for anything you want to know more about our beloved Korea.

What’s with “Dynamite” and BTS?

Hey, there ARMYs and KPOP fans! Were you one of the 100 million viewers who shook YouTube by storm and ransacked another 1st for the...

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