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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Rob Ramos

Rob Ramos is the former Media Officer of the Liberal Party NHQ. Communications graduate from the Ateneo de Manila. Alumni of the FNF International Academy for Leadership. 10 years in Public Service.

[EDITORYAL] Ang pagpapalit ng mga kandidato ay dapat ng ihinto, ito ay pangungutya o “mockery” ng Halalan

Ang ginawang pagpalit ng mga kandidato para Pangulo at Pangalawang Pangulo ng ilang partido pulitikal ay isang sarswela na dapat ng mahinto. Ang "substitution"...

[EDITORIAL] Our democracy is not a game of musical chairs, “substitution” of candidates is mockery of election

The zarzuela perpetuated against our democracy with the string of announcements regarding the candidates for President and Vice President of some political parties has...

LP: The fall of a political brand

Introduction Delawan. It’s amazing how that has become both corrupted in form and derogatory in meaning. There was a time when maybe only the Marcos Loyalists...

Why Beijing must pay

Discussing something like this is akin to walking a minefield: you know it’s dangerous, but you have to do it anyway because you need...

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