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Linguistic Analysis and Critique of English Translation of Ang Bayan Ko

1. Introduction The poem Bayan Ko was originally written in Spanish by Gen. Jose Alejendrino, and it was titled Nuestra Patria. Gen. Alejandrino wrote this poem to express his...

On the inequality of the English Language

*artwork by Chard Camua I believe that all languages are equal. However, we cannot deny the fact that language inequality exists because some languages are...

What’s the hidden meaning behind the texts? An Intro to Transitivity Analysis

During this pandemic, most of us spend our time surfing the internet and checking our social media. Sometimes, we criticize what we read especially...

Is Philippine English legit? On the History and Legitimacy of Philippine English

In my previous article, I discussed the paradigm of World Englishes and Kachru's Concentric Circle of English. Based on Kachru's framework, native English speaking countries like the USA, UK, Canada,...

World Englishes

Some of you might think that the title of this article is erroneous. Perhaps, you would say that English has no plural form. I...

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