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AMERICA VOTES, TRUMP vs BIDEN: A Reader on US Presidential Election 2020

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Emil Samaniego
Emil Samaniego is Chief Content Officer and one of the founders of Politixxx Today.

The election of a US President is not simply a domestic affair, it has far-reaching ramifications to the current and future coordinates of the world’s political constellations. Whoever between Donald Trump and Joe Biden wins the election, a new era beckons that will reshape the lives not only of Americans but also those of migrants from around the world, documented or not, seeking new life and prosperity in the Land of the Free; of thousands of asylum seekers currently detained in the US-Mexico borders fleeing from civil unrest, political persecutions and famine in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and other states in Central America; of the young Israeli, Palestinians and Iranians who have just been conscripted to prepare for a war that may erupt in the Middle East; of Filipinos, Indonesians, Fijian and those from different island-states in Oceania, Pacific and the Caribbean who are most vulnerable to the impact of rising sea-level due to climate change; of young Africans living in the outskirts of 29 US military bases located in 15 different countries in Africa; of wealthy Chinese, Japanese, Singaporeans and Asian businessmen and investors looking at the US market for expansion and growth; of the Communist Party bureaucrats in Russia, China and North Korea who are divining the stars and patiently waiting for the fall of an empire; and all those people living in the Global South who continue to bear the brunt of centuries of colonialism that is the legacy of the West, and its present foster-child, the United States of America. These are just some of the reasons why we look at this year’s US election with such interest and caution.

The election of Donald Trump, a crude, cruel and crass political figure, in 2016 has inspired and empowered like-minded leaders from around the world. Trump also ushered a new wave of right-wing populism and fascism that seeks to test the limit of basic human rights and freedom which are ironically the cornerstones of the modern United States of America. His four years in office are mired by divisive, racist, sexist, anti-science and indecent remarks which go against the fundamental values that shape America to what it is today, the Land of Freedom and Opportunities. Is the world prepared for another four years of President Trump or is it going to find a new master in the person of Joe Biden?

In the Philippines, the impact of the US election will prominently figure on the country’s foreign policy especially its relations with China. Will a Joe Biden Presidency serve as effective deterrence against Chinese aggression in the South China Sea or shall we see China getting more aggressive and ambitious as it gets ahead of the United States in the next four years with Trump as the US President?

Nevertheless, from a political management standpoint, this year’s US election is posed to either affirm or overturn the deep-seated assumptions, theories and methodologies used by political strategists, consultants and pollsters in conducting their business. A win for Joe Biden vindicates the polling errors of the 2016 election as mere aberration, but a win for Trump should behoove the entire industry to do some soul-searching and perhaps entirely reimagine the current models of managing and forecasting political campaigns. Is political forecasting a science or an art, or perhaps both? Are pollsters and strategists too fixated only on numbers that they overlook its most essential component, the stories behind the numbers? These are just some of the things worth reflecting upon after the results of today’s election are revealed.  

In this special Politixxx Today reader, we compile all of our published articles pertaining to this year’s US Presidential election. It begins with an explainer and infographics on the complicated US electoral process, followed by the profilers of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and an article on the impact of the US election to the ASEAN. We also include three articles that traced, located and critiqued the Filipino-Americans’ position and visibility in the current political configuration of the United States. Ultimately, we present our two featured articles that assessed the campaign issues, strategies and the chances of winning of Trump and Biden. As a bonus, we also include a 2-hour Naked Politixxx vidcast (video podcast) that discussed the US election from the perspectives of a Filipino migrant in the United States, and three young Filipinos living in the Philippines.    

It is our hope that this special reader will serve as an educational resource for those who are interested on US politics and its implications to the world.

We thank our writers, podcasters, and graphic artists who contributed to the development of this reader; namely, they are John Leonard Landicho, Paul Tena, Stephen Roan, Francis Revilla, Josef San Jose, Emil Samaniego, Richard Camua, Rigel Kent Evangelista and Ron Palma.

poster by Chard Camua

Table of Contents

1. The long process of electing America’s chief explained

John Leonard Landicho

2. POLITIXXX Profiler: The No Malarkey Life and Career of Joe Biden

John Leonard Landicho


John Leonard Landicho

Artwork by Rigel Kent Evangelista

4. The 2020 US elections matter to the ASEAN

 Paul Tena

5. Will Fil-Ams ever flex their political muscle?

Josef San Jose

6. Filipina American War Veteran among Fil-Ams running for US Congress in 2020 Elections

Stephen Roan              

7. Sa pula, sa asul: who Filipino-Americans will vote for

Josef San Jose

8. Five reasons why Donald Trump may still win the election against Joe Biden

Emil Samaniego

9. Five reasons why Donald Trump will lose the election against Joe Biden, bigly

Josef San Jose

10. (Video Podcast) TRUMP vs BIDEN: US Election Special Podcast

Jan Argy Tolentino, Emil Samaniego, Stephen Roan and Francis Revilla



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