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Add to cart: Guide for safe online shopping

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Ever since the Philippines has been placed under quarantine, businesses and stores can only accommodate a few numbers of customers due to social distancing measures. This is the reason why some established businesses started to launch their online stores, where people can purchase things at the comfort of their homes. Some individuals also started their own business online, by selling through social media platforms like Facebook. 

But as the online shopping industry or e-commerce rises, there are also reports of customers getting scammed. Here are the tips for us to remember before making an online purchase.

1. Avoid prices that are too good to be true– There are times that we may encounter items that are being sold way too cheaper than its suggested retail price. There is a possibility that the item you may be getting is a counterfeit or plain scam. These types of listings can easily bait impulse buyers, that is why the online etiquette “think before you click” is also applicable in these scenarios. 

Before you press the buy now button try to answer these set of questions. 1) is the item on sale? If the answer is yes, it then answer the question if the merchant is legit? If the answer is still yes, then that is the time to proceed with your purchase. This may take some of your time, but by doing this it saves you from getting scammed.

2. Check the reviews and customer feedback first.– Customer feedback plays a big role when it comes to the field of business, since it serves as a guide for online shoppers before making a purchase. Usually apps like Lazada and Shopee has their own system of feedback, through the rating of 5 stars plus comments and pictures coming from the customers. This will serve as your guide on evaluating the store if it provides a good quality service. 

3. Avoid using unsecured internet connection to make a purchase.– This tip focuses more on the technical aspect as it deals with internet security. Refrain from purchasing online using a public Wi-Fi or unsecured network connection, since there is a risk for your information to be stolen. This tip is highly recommended for those who use credit cards or online banking to make an online purchase, since this type of transactions requires you to enter a pin number that may be copied by others. It is much better if you will use your own cellular data or the Wi-Fi connection at your home. This tip protects your personal information and lessens the risk of being a victim of identity theft.

Online shopping will only further grow and in fact, become our new normal. Despite of the incidents of scam, counterfeit items, and even receiving defective items, online shopping is still a safe, convenient, and therapeutic alternative to our traditional shopping run. Following the tips I mentioned will lessen the risk of customers being scammed. It is also recommended to know your rights as a customer, this will also protect you from experiencing transactions that are not fair.

So now that you are already informed, share these tips to your friends, family, or to someone you know who loves to shop online.

Always think first before you press buy now, also do not forget to disinfect your items. Stay safe and happy shopping!


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