About us

Talking PolitiXXX; Shaping Discourse

PolitiXXX Today is an independent youth-oriented online political magazine or webzine that features stories, explainers, opinions, reviews, artworks, news and analysis on issues ranging from national and global politics, society, culture, science and technology, law, business and economy, to lifestyle and travel.

Who we are

We are a team composed of ordinary private citizens from various backgrounds who share a single aim— to contribute to the advancement of discourse in the Philippines and beyond. We value the diversity of opinions grounded on facts and evidence as well as on the political and cultural values that we hold dear as citizens. Through our online magazine, we seek to inform our audience in an empowering form of grassroots-inspired online journalism.

The contributions that we accept are always meant to stir conversations and advocate improvements of the status quo. They come from a diverse group of people whose thoughts can inspire and bring about change. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to  expand the horizons of political conversation in the country and ensure that the politics that inspires us also shapes others in the best way possible.     



The Latin for truth serves as our guiding principle in bringing about valuable information for public consumption. As believers of truth, we employ the balance of putting the facts together with the informed opinion of our writers and contributors. The conversations that we share are aimed at approximating truth in its most empowering form for our audience.



The voice of the people matters the most in a democratic society. We aspire to empower ordinary citizens to speak out their minds and contribute to the national conversation. Through this advocacy, we sharpen our democracy and exact accountabilities from those in power. 

Editorial Policy

The stories that we publish are selected through the editorial process facilitated by our editorial board which adheres to ordinary standards of care. We employ an open and collaborative fact-checking and correction processes that may involve an independent party fact-checker. 

Without compromising the Right to Freedom of Expression and of the Press, we adhere to the Right of Reply and promote a policy of full disclosure in all our commercial dealings related to the stories that we publish.